Financial Projection Model

Financial Projection Model - Cashflow, income statement & balance sheetCash Flow - The life blood of your business

Poor financial management is one of the main reasons why businesses fail. Therefore this is not something that you should delegate to your banker, consultant or accountant. You need to have a grasp of the basic principles of your entities financial projections. Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Cash inflows and outflows occur at different times. Managing the timing of these inflows and outflows will determine whether the entity will survive or not.

This Interactive Financial Forecasting Model will assist you in ensuring that your enterprise can meet it's cash-flow requirements. Once you have completed your Financial Projection Model you will have created a projected cash flow statement, income statement and balance sheet.

This is an interactive business tool and workable model for managing the finances of your business and gives you an understanding of how the financial decisions you take affect the activities of your business. You are able to automatically produce accountant- formatted financial forecasts for your business by simply filling out the information requested in our ten step financial projection model.

You cannot break this model so play with it. Enter one or two figures then take a look at what appears in the reports section. Go back and edit or adjust what you have entered. Repeat this process until you understand the impact of the assumptions and figures you have entered. On completion of the model you will have an understanding of the difference between cash flow and profit.

After completion you will always be able to access your projections by entering your username and password. Once you understand the functioning of this model you should be able to complete this model in approximately 15 minutes

NB – This interactive online financial model is not downloadable. You must complete the input sheets online. The result of the inputs can be printed.

The standard financial projection model has been discontinued and is only kept online so that users who previously used this model are able to access their projections. Click here to use the discontinued version of the financial projection model.