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While every customer has a unique set of needs and desires, there are a number of them that need and want similar things.

In who’s hands is your hard earned money? Your investment advisor should be helping you choose an investment strategy as opposed to funds. Decide on an investment goal to be achieved in a certain timeframe, then choose a strategy to achieve your goal.


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You will need an advisor to help you project future values. You will need to determine the lifestyle you want to live and then choose a strategy to achieve your goals.

Secure the future value of your share in the business if you have business partners. A buy and sell agreement will facilitate a quick and fair value in the sale of your shares in the event of your death. Keyman and contingency plans are other important policies to have in place should the need arise.


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Always keep your assets properly insured. The cheapest premiums are not always the cheapest. At claim stage you will know just how cheap or expensive you premiums have been.

Do you have an up to date and executable will? Have you determined if your estate will be liable for CGT and estate duty and how much it will be? What will your executors’ fees be?You have toiled long and hard for your well being and that of your family, don’t let it be eroded by not doing estate planning.


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