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Business Readiness Tool

Find out if you are ready to go into your own business

Many people dream of starting a business - but are hesitant to start because they are not sure if they're capable of going on their own.

Are you one of those people wondering if starting a business is right for you? This tool will help you decide whether or not the time is right for you to start your own business.

The tool will prompt you with questions and assist you in evaluating your skills, characteristics and experience – as they relate to your preparedness for starting a business in terms of your suitability, idea, market, competition and finances. When you have answered all the questions you will be able to read our interpretation of your answers and make your own decision as to whether you are ready or whether you require further preparation.


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  • Which of the below is the most critical skill required to become an entrepreneur?
    Know the What, the How & the Plan
    Need Doing Skills
    Building Relationships
    Right Attitude
    Action Orientated
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