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Most enterprises are reluctant to seek outside help, for various reasons such as affordability, an unawareness of what is available or a doubting of the credibility of mentors. Entrepreneurs also rarely have the necessary insight to appreciate the value of using outside help until it is too late.

The primary driver for acquiring the expertise of mentors today is pressure to perform within limited resources. Selecting mentors with the right set of skills gives the entrepreneur the opportunity to transform and add value to an entire enterprise in terms of strategy, processes, technology and people. The entrepreneur is able to requisition the necessary skills on an assignment basis as and when needed in a very cost effective way.

Enterprise Support has identified the needs, fears and risks of both the mentor and the entrepreneur and has devised a business model that allows for :-

Find an expert
  • Accreditation of mentors (by interview, credit & reference checks, code of ethics and engagement agreement)
  • Access to business information (factsheets, checklists, templates)
  • Access to business software (business plan creator and financial forecasting model)
  • Searching and matching (facility and criteria to find a mentor with the required skills and experience and request their service)
  • Viewing and selection of services (clearly defined deliverables)
  • Administration (estimating, quoting, invoicing, payment and reporting)


Finding a mentor

We provide business support in the form of mentoring, advice, coaching, consulting and training services. We cover areas such as starting, buying, financing, franchising, managing, improving, growing, expanding and valuing a business.

Find a Mentor

Our "Self Help" offering gives free access to business fact sheets, a financial projection model, business plan creator etc.

Our "Get Help" offering instantly links you with the profile of an accredited, skilled and experienced mentor and consultant.


Please make sure that you have completed the free registration and are logged in. Click on the "Find a Mentor" link in the mentorship bubble on the right hand side of this screen. As a first time user of the search, you will be asked to supply us with some additional information. This is to help us better understand your needs. Once you have done this you will be able to search for a mentor, view multiple mentor profiles and finally request a service from your selected mentor.


Becoming a Mentor

For more information about becoming a mentor, please click here.



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