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Running a successful business requires using processes to improve productivity without sacrificing the service or the quality of the product while keeping everything else running smoothly.
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Let your business
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Making time for yourself

Write a business  improvement plan

A business will not necessarily succeed if continuous improvement is neglected. No business is perfect but strives for improvement and a better reputation.

Develop a productivity improvement plan

Work or productivity can always be improved. There are ways to improve queues, find out how customers can be serviced better, save time and save money.

Write a strategic plan for your business

You may have heard it said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” That is very true. Don’t underestimate the importance of ongoing planning.

Manage the finances of your business - On-line Financial Projection Model

Use our online financial projection model to quickly and accurately produce a financial projection for your business.

Revising your business plan - On-line Business Plan Creator

Our plan creator helps you to create your own business plan, marketing plan, media plan, sales plan.

Revising your marketing plan - On-line Marketing Plan Creator

Our plan creator helps you to create your own business plan, marketing plan, media plan, sales plan.

How to export your business

Successful exporting (or importing) boils down to being methodical. Thriving global businesses, from the smallest start-up to the largest multinational, have a number of factors in common, detailed in this section.

Export marketing investment

The EMIA scheme is to partially compensate exporters for costs incurred in respect of activities aimed at developing export markets for South African products and services and to recruit new foreign direct investment into South Africa.

Exporting tools

The global market is very competitive. There are many similarities with domestic trade; however, due to differences in legal, social and cultural norms and rules, these similarities are made far more complex.

How to franchise your business

An important goal for entrepreneurs running established business ventures is growth, ideally supported by increased demand for the services offered.

How did others do it - Strategic Decision at Nice Play Toy Company

During the past four years, symptoms have started to plague Niceplay Toy Company that have been worrying Dr Fourie, the company's founder and chairman.

How did others do it - Organisational Change at Unilever SA

Unilever recognised unions, which represented most of its workforce, in common with its worldwide practice, well before the Wiehahn Commission.

How to do a valuation when purchasing a new business

Business owners are usually highly motivated to pay the least amount of tax and the lengths that they will go to ranges from legitimate to illegitimate.

How to conduct a feasibility study before expanding your business

Very often one has to make assumptions about the future prospects of the business. But there are no resources or the time to waste on an idea that might not be feasible. This intervention will give a clear evaluation of the potential of your idea from a market, financial, technical and managerial perspective.

How to do new product testing and development

Are any of the following affecting your performance or on the drawing board?

How to do production planning and factory-layout

There are several stages in the production or manufacture of a product/service. In order to make it a smooth, efficient and safe process, a plan needs to be put in place that describes the processes and takes into account how the stock will be managed, the costs of production, the safety issues, maintenance contracts for equipment, etc.

How to Implement IT hardware and software to support the expansion

To become computerised is to keep up with business generally. To become competitive, more accurate and more productive, computerised systems is the way to go.

How to run projects within your business

Most projects share common activities, including breaking the project into easily manageable tasks, scheduling the tasks, communicating with the team, and tracking the tasks as work progresses. And all projects consist of five major phases.

How to set-up management systems and quality standards

These interventions are required by businesses that are at a growth stage and need expansion into the export market and/or to sell their products/services to others that have to comply with international quality standards required by the ISO (International Standards Organization).

Managing the business staff

The people of any organisation are a source of competitive advantage. However, for this to be realised, the organisation requires HRM capability.

HRM capability refers to the HRM function within the organisation as well as the ability of management to manage productively and realise the potential within the people of the organisation.

Dealing effectively with labour relation issues

If we tried to give a proper definition of LR we would say that it has to do with the relationship between an employer and his employees that is influenced by rules, guidelines, procedures and laws.

Improving staff performance - Introduction

The management of employee performance is critical to any business success and influences the bottom-line (profit) of many businesses directly.

Evaluate staff performance and plan for improvement

Performance evaluation or appraisal can be defined as a formal and systematic process to evaluate the past performance of an employee by means of observation, measurement and recording.

How to deal with staff grievances

It is important to promote a climate of open communication with employees in your business. The small and medium business owner should encourage workers to express their grievances so that the cause of these grievances can be identified, investigated and managed.

How to effectively deal with staff discipline issues

Discipline within a business is really about managing employees in such a way that they are satisfied and able to maintain acceptable levels of performance and behaviour. Discipline needs to be viewed as a corrective rather than a punitive measure.

How to deal with staff misconduct

It is sound labour practise to apply a four-step progressive discipline process, detailed in this section.

How to deal with the suspension of staff members

If an employee fails to respond to a final warning about unsatisfactory work performance or violating a work rule, the employee might be suspended pending an investigation or hearing with or without pay for a specific period of time.

Writing a disciplinary policy

Discipline needs to be viewed as a corrective rather than a punitive measure. This concept of corrective or progressive discipline has as its purpose a means for employees to learn and understand what standards are required of them.

Writing an internal grievance policy

It is important when designing a grievances policy to promote a climate of open communication with employees, to listen to employee grievances and to respond effectively as a business owner or management team.

Comply with all legal requirements in marketing

The fundamental objectives of most businesses are survival, profitability and growth. Marketing contributes directly to the achievement of these objectives.

Manage the challenges in your business

The management challenge in small and medium size businesses is to maintain control over the operational processes (delivering a product or service to a client) and build the future of the business, while at the same time leading, inspiring, directing employees and making decisions on all sorts of matters and solving problems on a daily basis.

Broad base black economic empowerment - Introduction

Broad-based black economic empowerment refers to the economic empowerment of all black people including women, youth, people with disabilities, and people living in rural areas through diverse but integrated social-economic strategies.

How to do BBBEE partnering

Owning and managing a sustainable business has taken on a whole new dimension in the global market place. Businesses are now not only accountable to their shareholders but have to consider the impact on the environment and on the communities they serve if they are to survive in the long term.

How to maintain good customer relations

"Express gratitude often, without customers you have no business, no job"

One has to evaluate what a customer expects from your business.

How to do market research - Measure the customers expectations

In order to understand the customer and his/her needs, a process to capture and analyse this information should be initiated. As part of the marketing and sales process, information collected about the customer’s requirements can be captured in a database and analysed regularly.

Distributing and marketing your business

Marketing consists of management tasks and decisions directed at successfully meeting opportunities and threats in a dynamic environment, by effectively developing and transferring a need-satisfying market offering to consumers in such a way that the objectives of the business, the consumer and society will be achieved.

Marketing your business

Marketing contributes to the achievement of the fundamental objectives of most businesses.

How to advertise your business

Small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot afford the specialised services of advertising practitioners are responsible for the creation of the advertising message as well as the allocation of available funds between the different media, and the evaluation of campaigns.

Promoting and communicating with your target market

Kotler (2000:564-565) identifies five tools, to use within a promotion. Each of these tools has its unique advantages and characteristics.

How to drive sales within your business

This section contains a number of templates which can be used to drive your sales.

Measure the success of your marketing campaign

The checklist in this section will assist you to evaluate the success of your marketing campaign against a set criteria.

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