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Get down to business and activate your business plan covering all the basic concepts. Having your own business is all about making money and you will have to do whatever it takes to succeed.
 Getting Started

Stop dreaming.
Start living.

Putting your plans into action

How to register a legal business entity

This section details questions that you and other entrepreneurs must ask yourselves before you choose an enterprise.

Protecting myself when signing business contracts

A contract can be described as an agreement between two or more people (the parties to the contract), which complies with certain requirements (components of a contract), resulting in rights and/or obligations (duties) for the parties that will be enforced by the law...

What kind of legal requirements and license will my business require?

All citizens, as well as business in South Africa, are governed by a framework of legislation.  It is important for you as the owner of a small or medium business to have a clear understanding of what these laws are, and where they come from...

Sign a lease agreement for your business premises

Many businesses rent their premises, be it a factory, warehouse or offices. Viability is often undermined by the terms of a lease. A lease agreement can have some very difficult clauses to understand. Furthermore, an entrepreneur needs...

Where to locate my business

The choice of location is one of the most important decisions influencing the success of a new small business. You must study and understand your customers to be able to choose a location that will meet their needs. Your research and analysis will pay dividends...

Find an accountant and lawyer

All businesses are required to keep their financial records in good order and to submit annual returns for tax purposes. Different business entities (sole proprietorship, close corporation, partnership, private company) have different...

Get finance for your business

Raising capital has never been easy. There are a lot of places to look for capital and there are a lot of alternative sources of capital. An entrepreneur needs the competitive edge that comes with an advisor who has experience in raising capital and who can lead the process. Every business is different...

Obtain required insurance for your business

Any business is exposed to a variety of risks. A business risk is reflected in the sales figure that must be achieved to break even, competition and other similar products as well as the threat of recession. A financial risk is the risk that the business will not obtain adequate financing...

Understanding the Basic Concepts of Financial Management

The overall objective of a business is to maximise the rate of return on investment to the owner(s) over the long term, taking into consideration the interests of all applicable stakeholders.  To achieve this, the business needs assets...

Compiling Budgets and Financial Statements

Why Do We Draw Up Budgets?

This section aims to answer this question, as well as other related questions regarding budgets, financial statements and their compilation.


Setting up a Debtors and Creditors System

Ensuring basic information is correct in terms of the clients that owe a business money and in terms of what a business owes suppliers or service providers, is essential. Systems can easily be set up and this intervention shows just how...

Setting up a Stock Control System

Tying up too much money in stock means the business’s money is not productive; not having sufficient stock means a business will lose orders and have angry clients. Stock control is easy if a business has a good system in place...

Manage the Finances of Your Business - On-line Financial Projection Model

Use our Financial Projection Model to create and manage professional financial projections in just 10 easy steps.

How to Price Your Product or Service  - Basic

Pricing is one of the really crucial elements of the marketing mix (Majaro, 1993:93). Pricing affects the chances of long-term success for a small business because of its implications for profit. The significance of pricing lies in the fact that price is the one element in the marketing...

How to Price Your Product or Service  - Advance

Price is the only marketing instrument that generates an income for the business (advertising, product development and the yes of a distribution channel, for example, are cost for the business. The price that is paid by the consumer represents the income generated...

Distributing and Marketing Your Product or Service

Marketing consists of management tasks and decisions directed at successfully meeting opportunities and threats in a dynamic environment, by effectively developing and transferring a need-satisfying market offering to consumers...

Promotion - Communicating with your Target Market

Kotler (2000:564-565) has identified five tools to use within a promotio. Each of these tools has its unique advantages and characteristics. The marketer needs to select the correct promotional tools to reach the promotional objectives.

Driving Sales - How to draw-up a sales plan

The information presented in this section can be used as a guideline to develop a group or individual sales plans for a sales force.

Evaluating Sales - How to complete a sales report

The template in this section will provide an example of a sales report.

Advertising your product or service

Small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot afford the specialised services of advertising practitioners are responsible for the creation of the advertising message as well as the allocation of available funds between the different media, and the evaluation of campaigns...

Create a Marketing Plan - Using the On-line Marketing Plan Creator

Our Plan Creator tool will enable you to easily create a well thought out and effective marketing plan.

Registering with the receiver of revenue

As employer, the business must collect the employees’ tax and pay it to the Receiver (for example, the payment of SITE and PAYE tax).

As taxpayer, the business or the...


Appointing staff

It is very important that one must learn the business vocabulary used by entrepreneurs, which will enable one to communicate with suppliers, the bank manager and other experts when establishing a new business.

The basic conditions of employment

This overview summarises the main provisions of the Act (with references to the appropriate sections of the Act). ACT 75 OF 1997

The employee contract

A contract of employment is basically an agreement whereby one party (the employee) agrees to make his or her personal services available to another party (the employer), to perform duties and tasks as defined by the employer under...

Managing staff

If we tried to give a proper definition of LR we would say that it has to do with the relationship between an employer and his employees that is influenced by rules, guidelines, procedures and laws. The field of LR covers many topics...

Compile a disciplinary policy

Discipline needs to be viewed as a corrective rather than a punitive measure.  This concept of corrective or progressive discipline has as its purpose a means for employees to learn and understand what standards are required of them...

Compile an internal grievance policy

It is important when designing a grievances policy to promote a climate of open communication with employees, to listen to employee grievances and to respond effectively as a business owner or management team...

Setting up personnel records

A business owner or employer, employing more than 5 employees must keep the following personnel records for three years from the date of last entry (it is advisable to keep this...

Get Your business online

It is almost impossible to remain competitive in business without using computers. Computers influence almost every aspect of our lives, whether purchasing a movie ticket, depositing money in the bank, paying tax or buying groceries...

Manage the day to day activities of your business

We often hear about small businesses going bankrupt. Unfortunately, poor management is very often the reason for these businesses not making the grade. Good management is therefore a prerequisite for a successful business...

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