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Are you one of the millions of South Africans with an awesome business idea? That sounds great but do you know how to put your idea into action?
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Am I an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are not unique people, but they are people who know their own weaknesses and strengths. In areas where they lack expertise, they call in other people to help. Entrepreneurs are people who know many other people. We call this a network in the language used by entrepreneurs...

How do I know I am ready to start with a business?

It’s very exciting to start a business of your own. Owning your own business gives you a sense of freedom and power, which makes you feel you are in charge of your own destiny...

The process before starting a business

The process before starting with a new business venture involves a cluster of questions which the entrepreneur must answer/solve, subsequent to the decision to start the business venture...

What are the skills needed to start a business?

The following checklist provides you with a structured process to establish if you have the necessary skills to start with your new business venture...

What kind of resources do I need to start up a business?

The following checklist provides you with a structured process to establish if you have the necessary resources needed to start with your new business venture..

In what kind of business entity can I conduct business?

Often we know that we can and will start a business but realise that we need guidance. This section aims to help you decide which business entity is best for you.

Some success stories - Parcel Express

Parcel Express
In April 1993 Parcel Express began transporting the first packages in its overnight delivery service. Husband and wile, Aaron and Janet Ngubeni, opened their...

Some success stories - DOF Alterations

DOF Alterations (Small Building Jobs)
DOF Alterations is a micro venture that does home alterations and small building jobs. It has an owner entrepreneur and eight workers. The owner does...

How to develop and evaluate a good business idea

The Business Idea
Starting and managing a business not only takes motivation, desire and talent - it also needs research and planning.



How to protect your business idea

We will take a look at the basic principles and guidelines of intellectual property as the fundamental principle in protecting your business idea.

How to set up your business

Another important functional area of management is the managing of the day-to-day operations of the business. This may include working with the factors of production such as labour...

What will the financial requirements for my business idea be?

Once you have established that your small business idea is viable, there are many things to put into place before the business can be regarded as ongoing. All of these things involve costs. Examples of such costs can be...


How to obtain finance for your business idea

Raising capital has never been easy. There are a lot of places to look for capital and there are a lot of alternative sources of capital...

How to do market research

Marketing research is identifying the information you need, going out and getting that information, looking at the information to try to determine what it tells you about the customers...

How to analyse your competition

Competitive Analysis Worksheet

This worksheet can be used to analyze the competitiveness of your business against any number of competitors using a number of set criteria..


Create a Business Plan - Using the On-line Business Plan Creator

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

“One of the biggest problems financial institutions have with funding a business is the poorly drafted nature of supporting documents such as the business plan...


The final evaluation before you start with your own business

Tasks for Start-up

The following checklist will provide you with a systematic process to evaluate whether you comply with certain important tasks before...


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