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Banking Aplication Migration
Choong Chee Wah - ESA Service Provider

I was the project manager for the development, planning, control and implementation of a bank network computing migration from a NRC mainframe to IBM mainframe.

Impact of the Migration and Results :

1. Enabled the bank to move to higher computing platform to offer better and efficient services to their customers.
2. Provided long term recurring saving of legacy network.
3. Allowed flexibility of fall back plan during migration if hitches arise.
4. Maintained customer databases without the need to change.
5. It allowed the Bank to maximize the ROI of technology investments by preserving the usefulness of the hardware and software as long as possible.

Success Stories List

Awards Received
Banking Aplication Migration
Enterprise Switching Network
In-House IT Consulting
Central Directory Services
Startup three new companies
Transforming Quality of Laundry Services
Increase Production Rate
Change Management
Managing Technology Life-Cycle
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HR Achievements - Eli Lilly
HR Achievements - DHL
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