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HR Achievements - DHL

Meow Koon Liew - ESA Service Provider


Initiated a Total Quality Management (TQM) initiative as a precursor to implementing a process to obtain IS0 9000 certification. Work with National Productivity Board Singapore on a training program…QUALITY PLUS…with the theme QP = QP2 (Quality Plus = Quality Performance by Quality People). This training intervention was deployed throughout their operations in South East Asia with all countries eventually being ISO 9000 certified. Also, DHL was the main sponsor for the Singapore Quality Award.


Major Achievements

1.      Set up the Regional HR function for South East Asia (covering Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Australia/NZ).

2.       Participated in the set-up of JVs in Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

3.      Introduced HAY Job Evaluation as precursor to the establishment of a structured salary administration plan.

4.      Launched a change management program to build the necessary mindset for TQM initiatives.

5.      Introduced a Supervisory Development Program for Managers/Supervisors.

6.      Recruited Sr. Management for operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.


Success Stories List

Awards Received
Banking Aplication Migration
Enterprise Switching Network
In-House IT Consulting
Central Directory Services
Startup three new companies
Transforming Quality of Laundry Services
Increase Production Rate
Change Management
Managing Technology Life-Cycle
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