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HR Achievements - Eli Lilly

Meow Koon Liew - ESA Service Provider


Major Achievements

1.    Reviewed and developed C & B policies for all sales offices in Asia Pacific; these included the analysis of market data and trends; working closely with Mercer, Hewitt, Watson, Wyatt and HRBS for market data. These reviews were then presented to Regional Management for the appropriate approval.

2.     Project lead for Mercer Total Management Compensation Survey for Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Companies; make recommendations to Regional Management for appropriate adoption.

3.    Was a team member of a Global C & B strategic review for China and India, resulting in the development and design of strategic rewards strategy for these growth countries.

4.    Initiated the Singapore Biomedical C & B survey to better understand the compensation of research scientists; used these data for the review of the compensation policies of the two R & D facilities in Singapore.

5.    Suggested the deployment of a web based tool for the annual staff salary reviews; project currently in pilot phase.

6.     Recruited over 60 R & D staff for their two R & D facilities in Singapore.

7.     Deployed a third party eRecruitment tool to manage huge volume of CVs.

8.     Deployed a low cast HRIS together with payroll outsourcing and employee self service.


Success Stories List

Awards Received
Banking Aplication Migration
Enterprise Switching Network
In-House IT Consulting
Central Directory Services
Startup three new companies
Transforming Quality of Laundry Services
Increase Production Rate
Change Management
Managing Technology Life-Cycle
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