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Increase Production Rate
Teo Bian Chin - ESA Service Provider

In 1981 when I was the Factory Manager of Vantrunk Lion Pte Ltd, we received an order from Shell Petroleum, Brunei. The order for 12,000 sets of electrical cable support ladders and accessories required 26 forty footed containers to ship to Korea.

With existing orders on hand that needed two months to fulfill, we were having problems to accept the order from Shell which required the goods within 3 months.

After looking into various alternatives, I decided to convert all 16 production workers into semi piece rate. All 16 workers were still been paid their normal wages when they produced the daily quota. Thereafter, any additional quantity produced was paid on an agreed piece rate.

With this change method, the production increased twofold without additional equipment or need to increase the workforce. We successfully delivered all 26 containers in two and a half months to Korea.

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Increase Production Rate
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