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Transforming Quality of Laundry Services
Teo Bian Chin - ESA Service Provider

When I first joined Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises, the Laundry was processing 18 tons of linens daily for all Government Hospitals, however only B and C wards linens were processed by us as our tendered prices were the lowest.

A class ward's linens were awarded to other laundries even though we also submitted the lowest bids. After spending 6 months studying the laundry processes and understanding Laundry business, which was completely new to me, I was determined to change the situation. My goal was not only to win all laundry contracts from all Government Hospitals but also from all private Hospitals.

With the encouragement from the Chairman and the full support from the CEO, we spent S$4 million to re-structure and upgraded the existing laundry into a top rated healthcare Laundry. In 1990 we were awarded all the laundry contracts from the Government Hospitals, even though our tendered prices were not the lowest.

After the success, I went further to propose to set up a new laundry to serve the private Hospitals. I spent the next 12 months studying and learning from various visits to top class healthcare laundries in the world. I also attended courses and seminars related to healthcare laundry services.

The visits took me to USA, Canada, UK, Holland, Belgium, Demark, France, Germany and Italy. I had attended a course conducted by Lever Brothers in Holland on detergent and laundry processes. I had successfully completed factory training on continuous Batch Tunnel Washing machine in Senkingwerk GmbH in Germany. I also attended operations and maintenance courses on Boilers conducted by Cochran UK.

In 1993 a new healthcare laundry with an investment of S$4 million was set up to serve the private hospitals. After some intensive marketing, we were providing laundry services to Gleneagle, Mount Alvernia, Mount Elizabeth and Thomson Hospitals. In 1995 we were awarded the ISO9000 certificate for our laundry services.

When I left the Enterprises in 1996, the two laundries were processing closed to 30 tons of linens daily.

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