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Startup three new companies
Paul Lim Kee Whee - ESA Service Provider

My first Singapore Startup Company was LBK Engineering & Trading in Oct 1985 till Sep 1995. I managed to sole whole LBK Engineering & Trading to an Indonesian client and assisted him in setting up new company in Batam (PT. Multi Handal). I become the Operations Manager for three years from Sep 1995 to Sep 1998.

In year 1999, I have submitted business proposals to a few of my clients to convince them to move their operation into Batam, Indonesia, for cheaper overheads & labor cost operation with high profit return.

PT. Batam Precision is one of the companies that I have convinced to setup in Aug 1999 to Aug 2000.

Success Stories List

Awards Received
Banking Aplication Migration
Enterprise Switching Network
In-House IT Consulting
Central Directory Services
Startup three new companies
Transforming Quality of Laundry Services
Increase Production Rate
Change Management
Managing Technology Life-Cycle
HR Achievements - NIKE
HR Achievements - Eli Lilly
HR Achievements - DHL
HR Achievements - LUCENT