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About Us


In view of today's business challenges facing Entrepreneurs when outsourcing and accessing professional expertise for assistance to their business problems and issues, Enterprise Support Asia Pte Ltd developed and created an IT Internet business module that addresses all and more of these issues for Service Seekers.

Enterprise Support Asia Pte Ltd is a Singapore based international firm establish in 2005. Our company manages Service Providers with Service Seekers in a most cost effective manner, reducing processing time and administration costs.

Our Company is not an Internet search engine database, a business agent or referral, an employment agent, a match-maker, a business introducer or a business/ management consulting firm. We provide and manage a fully integrated Internet online business management service for our Service Seekers and Service Providers.

Our team of local Service Providers are fully experienced, trusted, and accredited prior to online registration and acceptance by our company. They conduct assignments as mentors, coaches, advisors and/or consultants to our Service Seekers.

Our strategic mission is to become a pioneer and leader in providing our Internet online business management service to all Corporate and SME companies in Asia.


We strongly believe that Enterprise Support Asia Pte Ltd will contribute significantly for the Singapore's economy within the following areas :

Corporate and SME Business Development
Entrepreneurs will have online access to local professional expertise for business assistance anytime anywhere.
SME's are the largest sector of any economy. For their survival, development and growth, an efficient and affordable platform for professional business assistance is essential to be available to all and that will provide :

- Availability of professional expertise in multi-disciplines.

- Information on consulting fees quoted and charged are market related.

- Monitoring and controlling of engagements and projects.

Human Resources - Workforce - Job Creation
Experienced individuals who are out of job can be accredited and registered on our online business management service as Service Providers to conduct assignments as mentors, coaches, advisers or consultants. Our philosophy and approach will :

- Create job opportunities and financial security for these individuals, drawing them back their self-confidence and contribution to the society.

- Endorse the Government's policy to re-invite retirees and retrenches to contribute with their professional experiences to the society.

- Provide to local professionals and consultants an opportunity as registered Service Providers for greater exposure in the market place and the possibility for continuous consulting work.

Economic Development - Business and Society
The business philosophy of Enterprise Support Pte Ltd is to contribute for the improvement, effectiveness, development and growth of the overall local business community, by promoting a favorable business environment whereby professional assistance is well structured, affordable and easily available to entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, with the current financial global crisis, Enterprise Support Asia Pte Ltd anticipates that many local businesses will need all the professional assistance to sustain and survive. Enterprise Support Asia Pte Ltd business module is in a good position to support, assist and facilitate business to procure and engage professional help in an effective and efficient way at any point in time.